Pedicure Program

[Includes Student Product kit & Training manual]

Length: 30 hours

Certification: Pedicurist.

This program covers foot and toenail anatomy, diseases and disorders, hands on practice in pedicure procedure and also includes French polish application, polish change application, paraffin wax treatment, foot and leg massage techniques.. Throughout the course students are shown contra-indications and actions to treatments, various types of pedicure procedures, health and safety regulations standards and spa treatment protocols.

The following topics are covered in this curriculum:

  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology of the Legs & Feet
  • Salon Sterilization & Sanitation
  • Professional Consultation
  • Nail Diseases & Foot Disorders (corns, callus, verruca,
  • nail fungus, ingrown, athlete’s foot, hyperhidrosis)
  • Study of Ingrown Nails
  • Prevention of Ingrown Nails
  • Polish Techniques/ Nail Art
  • Foot Products and Client Care
  • French Pedicure Procedure
  • Massage of Lower Legs and Feet
  • Spa Foot Treatments
  • Paraffin Treatment for Legs & Feet
  • Record Keeping
  • Benefits of Massage (legs & foot massage)
  • Specialty Pedicures (Diabetic clients)
  • Contraindications to Massage
  • Pre & Post Treatments for Pedicures
  • Clinical Practice
  • #10 & 14,140 Ea


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