Waxing Certificate

Certification: Wax Technician

Length: 36 hours

Includes: students product kit & Training manual

This course covers topics such as Anatomy of the Hair, cycles of hair growth and most importantly the do’s and don’ts of proper depilation. Theory will cover bacteriology, sanitation, contraindications and anatomy of the hair.Practical training for facial and body waxing with both soft and hard varieties of waxes will ensure your knowledge of various waxing techniques. A comparison of wax ingredients is part of this course. The program teaches students a complete product knowledge, sterilization procedures, specialty waxing techniques and problem solving.

IMPORTANT topics are covered in this curriculum

  • Professional Ethics
  • Step-by-Step Waxing Procedure
  • Hygiene & Disinfection
  • Skin Diseases & Disorders
  • Study of skin & hair
  • Stages of hair growth
  • Professional Client Consultation
  • Contraindications to waxing
  • Proper use of hard, soft, cold & cream wax
  • Pre & Post Treatments
  • Speed Waxing Application- Time Management
  • Waxing treatments for face & bod
  • Waxing Male Client
  • Treating Ingrown Hairs
  • Eyebrow Shaping
  • Comparison of various methods of hair removal
  • Record Keeping
  • Hair Growth Analysis
  • Exfoliation methods for ingrown hair
  • Equipment Care


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